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  GHA Antibacterial & Anti-corrosive Gearboxes

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GHA Gearboxes

Our new range of worm and bevel helical gearboxes features, a world first, "GHA" treatment on gearboxes. The innovative patented treatment called "GHA" is applied to the external and internal surfaces of the housings, which confers extraordinary chemical and physical properties. Along with the special housing, the gearboxes are equipped with a stainless steel hollow output shaft, bolts and plugs.

Available in three different models - Premium, Classic and Modular series.


Thanks to the special properties conferred by the patented treatment to which they are subjected, GHA gearboxes are an excellent alternative to those exclusively made in stainless steel or treated with other processes (i.e. nickel plating or special paintings).

In detail:

  • External surface actively antibacterial vs. inert surfaces, which do not prevent bacterial proliferation
  • 1/3 lighter than stainless steel
  • Over 13 times higher thermal conductivity (204 W / m ° C) compared to stainless steel (15 W / m ° C)
  • Cheaper than the corresponding stainless steel version;
  • Nickel free
  • Non-magnetic motors, capable of withstanding high voltages;
  • Safe and aseptic

Field of application

GHA gearboxes are ideal for:

  • Food & beverage industry
  • Chemical-pharmaceutical industry
  • Marine environment applications

Compliance and Certifications

The new GHA gearboxes have been tested by accredited laboratories to prove their special characteristics, in accordance with the following standards:

  • HACCP International Certified
  • ISO 22196:2011 - Antibacterial tests - The lab test results show that, compared to the untreated aluminium sample, the GHA premium treated sample has reduced by 1000 times the bacterial proliferation of the STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS and by 10,000 times that of ESCHERICHIA COLI.
  • ISO 9227:2017 - Salt spray corrosion test - NSS Test - After 2016 hours of salt spray exposure, the GHA Premium samples show no signs of corrosion
  • RES Annex I Chapter 2.1. Applicable to Directive 2006/42 / EC - Food machinery and machines for cosmetic or pharmaceutical products
  • SO/IEC 17020:2012 - Inspection Certificate
  • FDA - Food grade lubricant, oil seals and gaskets

Call our Australian Head Office Ph: 02 9607 4100 or email us: for any enquiries or questions on our new GHA gearboxes.



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