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  • Specialised Air Motors & Transmission (SAMT) takes this opportunity to welcome you to our website - we hope you will find it enjoyable. We are Manufacturer, Importer and Supplier of Air Motor Technology, Gearboxes & Electric Motors and Power Transmission & Bearings.

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  • Specialised Air Motors & Transmission (SAMT) - incorporating TONSON - was founded in 1966 and provides efficient solutions and equipment to all major industries including mining, chemical, food, paper, plastic, power transmission, manufacturing and pharmaceutical.

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  • We are the Specialist of Explosion Proof Solutions for Air Motor Technology, Gearboxes & Electric Motors, Complete Power Transmission Solutions & Engineered products and Tools based in Australia

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  • Repair & Overhaul all brands of Piston & Vane Air Motors, Gearboxes, Boring and keying for all Power Transmission components, Consultation on Product design, selection and Installation, Machining Services New/Custom Product Development, Auto CAD Concept Designs, Electric Motor Rewinds/Repairs etc

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  • Downloads the pdf files for Air Motors, Power Transmission, Electric Motors, Bearings, Industrial gearboxes, Gear couplings, Grid Couplings, Transfluid Fluid Couplings, Industrial clutch and brake, machining and turning workshop, Industrial gearbox repair and more

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  • TONSON AUSTRALIA products include air motors, air mixers and air fans which are engineered to meet the highest standards featuring 100% explosion-proof, low air consumption, light weight, high torque, reversible step less speed control, easy maintenance and various mounting method.

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  • TONSON Australia products and services are designed and manufacured for the following Industries: Food & Beverage, Mining, Metal Industries, Oil & Gas, Cement & Quarry, Pharmaceuticals, Water & Chemical, Process and Mixing and more

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  • View the images and Videos for the Brushless DC Motor, Worm Gearbox & Motor, Hyosung Electric Motors based in Australia

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  • News and Events from leading Manufacturer, Importer and Supplier of Air Motor Technology, Gearboxes & Electric Motors and Power Transmission & Bearings.

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  • Specialised Air Motors & Transmission

    Factory 19 / 5 Lyn Parade
    Sydney Australia

    Phone: +61 (02) 9607 4100
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Since 1966 - Realising Clever Conceptions ISO 9001 CE

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