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  IEC Standard Motor

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Scope of Production

Rated Power (kW): 0.09 - 750
No. of Poles: 2P - 12P (speed 2900rpm - 500rpm)
Ratings: 380~415 Volts 50Hz (60Hz and other voltgaes are available)
Speed: 2900rpm - 500rpm
Mountings: Face / Foot / Flange IEC
Standard Casting: Cast Iron Or Alloy
Optional: Stainless Steel totally hoseproof IEC Flange electric motor for food applications


SAMT offers all types of electric motors that meet the IEC standards. We offer high-quality motors that best fit the standards as well as operate optimally, especially in industrial environments.
SAMT has many years of electric motor experience and feature many well known high quality brands including, LENZE, WONDER, SAMT and HYOSUNG. Many other brands can be supplied. 


High compatibility, various models
- Ensures compatible dimensions through applying IEC and KS standards on designs
- Provides the enclosed, semi-enclosed, and F/H/C type insulation motors as well as
- general industrial and special motors.
- Offers wide range of choices suitable for any place and purpose
- IP55 Protection ratings (other rating including IP66 etc. are available)
- Cast Iron Construction with top mounted terminal box (Various mountings)
- Class F Insulation with class B temperature rise, other insulations Available
- Multi Speed Available
- Hgh Efficiency Complies with MEPS standard ( AS 1359.102.1 )
- Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (IC411)
- Finish colour Teal T63 to AS2700 (All other colours can be met)
- Mounting flexibility - Multi Feet mounting positions
- Thermistors are fitted on all frame 160 and above as standard
- Anti-condensate heaters can be fitted on all frame sizes 160 and above
- High quality bearings - long life operations
- High quality and meets stringent requirements

Compact and lightweight
- Compact frame size using F- and H-type insulation systems
- Light-weight steel plate frame for motors under 15kW

Superior features and high reliability
- Uses quality electric materials to minimize electricity loss; the use of precision parts and
- bearings reduces mechanical loss, thus improving motor efficiency and providing excellent power savings.
- Excellent operational features based on rational design and strict quality management
- Lower noise with improved ventilation structure
- Optimum structure design using an interpretation program and 2D/3D programs

 Application are endless including:

  • Hoists / Winches
  • Conveyor Drives
  • Pump Drives
  • Automation Device
  • Food / Pharmacy Packaging
  • Mining
  • Pulley drives
  • Multi Speed

Application are endless including:

  • Power Transmission
  • Coal Mining
  • Packaging
  • Power Generation
  • Pharmaceutical

3Ph Ac Motor Optional Accessories:

  • IEC Flange Or Foot Mount - (A, B, C & D frame types available)
  • Thermistors
  • VSD Drives for speed control
  • Anti-condensate heaters
  • Slide rails (Foot Mount)
  • Motor brakes
  • Industrial Gearboxes
  • Pulleys Dries
  • Chain Drives
  • Clutch
  • Couplings

Three Phase Aluminium Electric Motor


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