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  Planetary Gearbox

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Scope of Production

Voltage range of motor

Reduction gear ratio

Output torque

Custom-built production available.


Hyosung’s RPS-series is a specialised planetary reducer series which offers a high load and a high reduction of the gear ratio. It is the best reducer for an application with complex specifications and it is evaluated as a premium product that reflects the requirements of our customers.


Compact and light-weight
- Power distribution due to various planetary gears and compact casing due to a concentric shaft make the product small, light-weight, and easy to install in small spaces.

High efficiency and low-noise
- Maximised efficiency and minimised noise lowers the inertia moment, while the modification of the teeth of a gear to an ideal shape via carburising heat treatment, gear grinding, and optimum internal part design offers high efficiency and low noise.

High reduction of gear ratio
- A planetary gear enables a high gear reduction ratio of over 1,000,000:1 and the computerised design guarantees high reliability.

Module system
- A module system is adapted to all parts for quick production and supply.

Technical agreement
- A technical agreement with RENK in Germany has been concluded to meet the technical requirements of our customers.


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